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History of {CHAOS}

Hall of Fame


The history of {CHAOS}.
When I first played Battlefront I knew that I really loved the game, later on, I began to play online, and soon after went on holidays. Upon my return, I found out that clans had started on Battlefront. I thought it was a good idea, and Iwas offered to join many clans. I almost accepted the offer by the {Jet} clan, but decided not to in the end.  I then realised why I didnt want to join any of these clans. It was because I found it hard to take orders from other people. So I thought for days what to call my clan, and finally thought of the name....{CHAOS}. Before I created the clan, I sought advice from other clans about making a clan and what to do. After little help from others except for the information 'make them get 30 kills to enter' I went on a clan game for a friendly match, and was greeted with a 'stuff off' it was from a young lad in the {DARK} clan. With that I created my clan, and sought to be the biggest and most powerful clan on Battlefront. I wanted to give a helping hand to the smaller clans that were not as well of as my clan was, but found myself too busy with my own clan.
Meanwhile, there were problems with a rutheless clan named TOXIC. They forfitted the war, and thus lost. We were victorious but I was and still am, aching for a battle in which we wade through the blood of the dead, and are knee-deep in bodies.
Several months on, {CHAOS} experienced the Dark Times, and I found out that many didnt like my command. {Chaos} will be once again restored in order now that i have given up my command, and passed it onto Death. Let us see these new times, because the Dark Times, are over!
                                                                                                      by:{CHAOS} Leader
Death was taken off command into his former rank. Public oppinion was on {CHAOS} Leader's side. Members wanting {CHAOS} Leader's retiring left the clan. That threw the {CHAOS} in to a state of crysis it's still recovering from.
There was a good side to everything though. It left only the most loyal , best & trustworthy members in the clan. Members who only need the new summer to restore their former glory.
The clan's current state isn't the best , we are despared for new recruits . A re-organisation of the rank/ join/promotion systems has begun. Hopefuly for the best.

A {CHAOS} member , At-a , left the clan. He took over our CSS branch. Actions to limit the damage done by him are taking place.

{CHAOS} Death applied the clan to join UAEF.  UAEF is  a large group of clans which co-operate & help each other. For more information on UAEF visit their site

{CHAOS} is now allied with a very impressive clan called
97th Clone Squadron. With a new time comming for {CHAOS},
this alliance is going to be very profitable for both clans.
Indeed 97th's organisation is going to be of great help during the reforms in {CHAOS}. To see more information on our new ally visit their site at
The {CHAOS} Halo branch is expanding rapidly.Indeed recruiting has beed most successive. & the recruits themselfs very good.Visit the Halo site page(Navigation).

The main site has undergone a re-making.Now it's really a main site!

Work on the SW site has really picked up steam. Also Death & Bantha won a clan duel. 2 vs 2 againts {Darth} clan! ALL HAIL BANTHA MASTER DARK TROOPER!

Time has passed. We are now in a tournament organised by 97th clan. ToA(Tournament of allies) is a contest betwin allies of 97th. {CHAOS} is set to play againts CWC , a good & respectible clan. The battle was supposed to be on the 17th of August but due to vacations of members on both sides it was set somewhere in 2 weeks.

After canceling the war 2 times ( Becouse of CWC) , it's now off for somewhere after the holyday.
But not to worry we have organised a new war with COI clan. Due on this Sunday.

The war with COI was a complete victory .As Niknod commented after the battle " It wasn't a war, it was a masacre."

A new recruit {CHAOS} Josh.
                                                                  by: {CHAOS} Death          
Death has deserted the clan of his heritage.To join {PRO} clan. His claim was inactivity of Leader. The Second Dark Times loom on the horizon. 
                                                                                                       By: {CHAOS} Leader
Death returned. As was said in times past " There is no escape from {CHAOS} , it marks us all...". The Clan will be great once more!

Ranks have been recreated. The member status system proved inefective. All members from SWBF 1 are now in High Command.

Squads have been created. The attack squad Alpha under Leader's command & defense squad Saajuk'Khar under Death. Tactics are being created now.

Three new recruits in a single day. X5.NL , Cody & Jackie.

X5.NL has been transfered to Saajuk'Khar squad & promoted to corporal for his skill.

{CHAOS} won a fun war vs (ROUGE). 4 vs 4 and the end result wa 4-1 for the clan. All hail {CHAOS}!

New recruits continue too flow in!
                                                                                                   By: {CHAOS} Death